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Culture - Jul 13, 2023

“Cast your own future” with the Waupaca Foundry

Nick Witwer | WFRV

(WFRV) – A business staple that started making products sold locally has now grown to several facilities in two different states and has customers worldwide.

The Waupaca Foundry has become an industry leader and has its roots on the banks of the Waupaca River in downtown Waupaca.

Some of the early products made by the foundry were Waupaca field plows, the jaws of the Waupaca stone crusher, and window sashays.

Today the foundry has facilities in both Wisconsin and Indiana with three foundries in Waupaca, one foundry in Marinette, and two foundries in Southern Indiana.

The Waupaca Foundry now makes castings that many people use every day without even knowing it. As the foundry’s Vice President of Operations says, “You’re never more than ten feet away from a casting.”

Everything from weights at the gym to parts on your vehicle are all castings that the Waupaca Foundry produces.

The Waupaca Foundry says the biggest factor making it so successful is its workforce. The foundry is community driven and offers a number of opportunities for its workers such as good living wages, consistent schedules, strong benefits, plus paid holidays, vacations, and birthdays.

For more information on the Waupaca Foundry and to “Cast your own future,” visit the foundry’s website.


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