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Culture - Jan 18, 2018

Fakebba Touray Finds a Welcoming Workplace

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Fakebba Touray found a place to grow and be challenged when he joined Waupaca Foundry two years ago. Fakebba works at Plant 1 in Waupaca, Wis.

"Everyone is equal when they are hired here; everyone has an equal opportunity," explained Fakebba. "People help one another regardless of race, tribe, religion, or gender."

Fakebba Touray

Fakebba Touray, Plant 1 mill room operator

Not every place Fakebba has worked has been so welcoming. He emigrated from Gambia, Africa, and admits to feeling uncomfortable being in a community or workplace in which he is the only black person.

"I am really happy Waupaca Foundry hired me because I feel so much more comfortable being around all the positive people here. It doesn't matter that I am the only black guy working here."

After hearing positive things about Waupaca Foundry, Fakebba submitted his application and was hired on July 6, 2015. Today, he works in the mill room as a grinder. He loves the job, enjoys being busy, and acknowledges the value of Waupaca teamwork.

"Everyone is equal when they are hired here; everyone has an equal opportunity. People help one another regardless of race, tribe, religion, or gender." - Fakebba Touray

"I feel happy because I know Waupaca Foundry hired me to work hard," said Fakebba. "So, when I come to work, I want to mix and work with others. Grinding keeps me busy, and I have a good partner who knows what he's doing. That means we can work at a pace where we can make things safely, and on time."

In addition to working with his team, Fakebba also appreciates the performance-based rewards and recognition.

"One day I arrived to work before dawn. The shaker was full and my supervisor wanted us to off load it. I told him, 'We'll take care of this.' He told me, 'Fakebba, I trust you.' I told him thank you and when he came back after two hours, we got the job done. A couple of weeks later, he called me and just thanked me for that, and he offered me a raise."

Opportunity is another reason Fakebba smiles when he considers his future at Waupaca Foundry. His plans include going back to school and moving into other positions within the company. His personal experience confirms that the door is open to all here.

"Waupaca Foundry knows that there is only one race and that's the human race."



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