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Community - Aug 30, 2018

Local hunters support veterans

Angie Landsverk | Waupaca County Post

Since its inception, Waupaca Foundry employee Dave Hintz and his Hides For Heroes volunteers have collected deer hides and raised more than $40,000 in support of veterans through the Wounded Warriors In Action Foundation.

Local hunters support veterans

Area deer hunters helped raise $7,533 for a nonprofit organization that takes Purple Heart recipients hunting and fishing. 

Hides for Heroes raised the funds for the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation. 

The Foundation is a national nonprofit that provides outdoor sporting activities for Purple Heart recipients who are wounded in combat. 

Hides for Heroes invovles collecting deer hides, salting them and then seling the hides when the market is right. 

Local resident Dave Hintz started it a few years ago, after learning about the foundation and its work. 

He works at Waupaca Foundry, and the foundry provides the salt for the hides, he said. 

The $7,533 donation for the foundation was presented to Matt Tennessen on Aug. 22, at Neuville Motors.

Tennessen is involved in the foundation.


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