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Community - Dec 6, 2023

Making a Smooth Transition


PESHTIGO — Peshtigo High School students are making the transition from high school to the workforce.

Teacher Scot Scarda is helping transitional students learn work skills that will make it a smooth transition.

“Teaching children the skills to succeed in the world of work is always the overarching goal of education, so to be able to address those needs directly is important for their growth and success in life,” he said.

Besides learning in the classroom setting, students get involved in volunteer work experiences, job shadowing and vocational tours.

“Through volunteering, students learn the skills and responsibilities associated with a work environment, along with earning dignity and respect,” Skarda said. “It’s an excellent way for students to contribute to our community.”

Peshtigo students volunteer to help with district sporting events, community events like Historical Day, and they also work with the Park and Rec Department and at the Peshtigo Food Pantry.

Skarda adds that they are currently working on a charitable drive to benefit the Menominee Animal Shelter.

Participating businesses so far this year include Waupaca Foundry, Mighty Pet, Subway and K9-Basics.

The first visit of the school year for transition students was Waupaca Foundry. Students shadowed at the Marinette plant to learn about the manufacturing industry and other career pathways needed to ensure parts and casts are going to the right customers.

The Mighty Pet store in Menominee hosted Peshtigo students for a tour of its retail, training, pet day care, and boarding facility.

“Manager Rochelle Anderson was kind enough to show our students what a day in the life of a Mighty Pet employee looks like, and described what a week for a typical high school student worker would look like,” Skarda said.

K9-Basics is a new business located in Peshtigo. It was started by Matt Borths, a veteran and police officer in Marinette. After being a K9 handler for many years, he decided to start training dogs because he really enjoyed helping people improve their dog’s behavior. Recently he purchased a building in Peshtigo which he converted into a dog boarding, training and day camp facility.

Borths provided students with a tour of the facility, and a detailed description of what working and owning a dog training facility and kennel is like.

Students also toured Subway in Peshtigo and met with managers Karen Rosenow and Stephanie Holt.

“Students learned in detail what their job duties would be working at Subway,” Skarda said. “Students learned about current job openings and emphasized the importance of cleaning. Subway is spotless.”

Skarda said it’s rewarding and fulfilling to go home knowing he did his best to make a positive impact on our world.

“We would like to thank participating businesses for the opportunity, and we look forward to continued collaboration with these upstanding community members,” he said.

Skarda’s class has plans to tour and learn about work skills required to work for Precision Ice Blasting and the U.S. Postal Service.

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