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Culture - Jul 28, 2020

Student Gains Experience with Waupaca Foundry

Mackenzie Morey | Waupaca Foundry

Jenna with her dad, Todd Pagel, the Plant 2/3 Manager

Jenna is a recent graduate from Concordia University Wisconsin in Human Resource Leadership and Business Management and has worked for Waupaca Foundry for four consecutive summers. Her dad, Todd Pagel, Plant Manager at Plant 2/3, recommended the seasonal summer job at Waupaca Foundry. Todd has been a key figure in sparking Jenna’s interest pursuing her education in business and Human Resources. Jenna has since dedicated three summers working in the core room and a fourth summer in a human resources internship. “I’ve been able to see both aspects of the business—the production side and the management side.”

On a typical internship day, Jenna assists HR managers, prepares new-hire orientation training, and helps with the onboarding process. Jenna reports that for this position, you need computer skills and overall good people skills. Her past experience in the core room benefitted her with supporting employees. “There are many people in the office that have come from the production side and I think that helps a lot with employee rapport and being able to relate.” Understanding how to help people is a huge part of the job. Being able to connect knowledge learned in the classroom and apply it hands on in the workplace has been an invaluable experience for Jenna.
“Everyone has always been welcoming at Waupaca Foundry—no matter what position I’m in.” – Jenna Page

Internships at Waupaca Foundry provide students with practical training in their chosen fields of study. Waupaca Foundry internships offer students who are pursuing technical degrees and high-demand careers the experience and career pathing to succeed in her field of choice. It also provides Waupaca Foundry a pipeline of talented and skilled workers to address the needs of modern manufacturing. “Being at Waupaca Foundry has definitely helped me become and learn what I want to do in the future as an HR professional and just a professional in general.” Waupaca Foundry has a wide variety of employment opportunities for college students and young professionals in both manufacturing and administration. There are ample opportunities for career advancement in all areas of the business.

The Summer Help Program at Waupaca Foundry provides valuable work experience and an insight into the variety of careers in the metalcasting industry. Students interested in summer employment and internships at Waupaca Foundry are encouraged to apply.
“I’d like to thank Waupaca Foundry for the four summers I’ve had here, the impact it has on my college experience.” – Jenna Pagel

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