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Community - Jun 2, 2023

Waupaca Foundry Awards 2023 Scholarships

Alexia Toney | Waupaca Foundry


Waupaca Foundry is proud to support the next generation of ambitious leaders by providing scholarships to students in Waupaca Foundry communities. This year, we awarded $29,500 to nineteen deserving high school seniors.

Recipients of our 2023 scholarships include:
Waupaca, Wisconsin – Headquarters, two gray iron foundries, and a machining operation.
Henry Fries ($2,000) – Waupaca High School graduate. Henry plans to attend UW-Madison this fall. Henry received the Outstanding Waupaca Senior Student scholarship from Waupaca Foundry.
Emma O’Keefe ($2,000) – Waupaca High School graduate. Emma will be attending UW-Oshkosh this fall for medical imaging with a radiology emphasis. Her father, Peter O’Keefe, a 25-year employee, works in the millroom at Plant 2/3.
Madison Betz ($2,000) – Weyauwega-Fremont High School graduate. Madison will be attending Milwaukee School of Engineering this fall to study software engineering. Her father, Matthew Betz, a 9-year employee, is an electrical engineer at Plant 2/3.
Justin Buschke ($2,000) – Little Wolf High School graduate. Justin will be attending UW-Madison this fall. His father, Jim Buschke, a 27-year employee, is a project engineer for Plant 2/3.
Haley Peskie ($2,000) – Tomorrow River High School graduate. Haley will be attending UW-Lacrosse this fall. Her father, Mike Barden, a 21-year employee, is an engineering manager at Plant 1.
Chloe Timdal ($1,000) – Iola Scandinavia High School graduate. Chloe will be attending Minnesota State Technical College this fall where she will be studying nursing. Her father, Peter Timdal, a 25-year employee, is a process engineer at Plant 1.
Noah Fuhrman ($1,000) – New London High School graduate. Noah will be attending Fox Valley Technical College to study electro-mechanics. His father, Don Fuhrman, a 25-year employee, is a stockroom manager at Plant 2/3.

Marinette, Wisconsin – A ductile iron foundry and casting finishing division.
Onika Hotzel ($2,000) – Crivitz High School graduate. Onika will be attending St. Norbert College this fall where she will be studying human biology and continuing to medical school to be a pediatrician. Her father, Mike Hotzel, a 13-year employee, works as a molding shakeout operator in the millroom at Plant 4.
Devyn Lusardi ($2,000) – Stephenson High School graduate. Devyn plans on attending Bay College this fall where she will be studying nursing. Her father, Don Lusardi, a 29-year employee, works in electrical maintenance at Plant 4.
Dominic Smercheck ($1,000) – Marinette High School graduate. Dominic is attending Governors University this fall where he will be pursuing a degree in supply chain management.
Cienna Grawey ($1,000) – Marinette High School graduate. Cienna is attending Fox Valley Technical College this fall for fire protection.
Zachery Shoupe ($1,000) – Peshtigo High School graduate. Zachery will be attending Northeast Wisconsin Technical College this fall to pursue a degree in welding.

Tell City, Indiana – Gray and ductile iron foundries.
Maggie Cunningham ($1,500) – Maggie will be attending Vincennes University Jasper College this fall for Criminal Justice. Her father, Jason Cunningham, a 25-year employee, is a quality foreman for Plant 5.
Collin Kessens ($1,500) – Collin will be attending Indiana University Bloomington to study Informatics. Collin is working at Waupaca Foundry this summer. His father, Chris Kessens, a 26-year employee, works in the metallurgical lab at Plant 5.
Cody Kempf ($1,500) – Cody will be attending Owensboro Community and Technical College this fall to study Electrical Engineering. Cody is interning with Waupaca Foundry this summer in maintenance at Plant 5. His father, Russel (Buck) Kempf, an 18-year employee, works in the maintenance department at Plant 5. Cody’s brother, Rusty Kempf, an 8-year employee, works in the core room as a team leader.
Trent Sprinkle ($1,500) – Trent will be attending the University of Southern Indiana this fall to study Engineering. Trent was a high school co-op at Waupaca Foundry during the school year in the engineering department.
Jayden Lawson ($1,500) – Jayden will be attending the University of Southern Indiana this fall to study business administration. Her father, Brandon Laslie, a 20-year employee, works in Waupaca Foundry’s Plant 5 as a melt maintenance superintendent.
Trent Cail ($1,500) – Trent will be attending the University of Southern Indiana this fall to study engineering. Trent was awarded the Stephan Lochner Technical Scholarship.
Emily Elmer ($1,500) – Emily will be attending Hanover College to study kinesiology/integrated physics.

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