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Clear Skies with Advance Baghouse Technology

Creating thousands of castings per day can be a dirty job. Dust, sand and other particles move throughout the foundry air, but thanks to Waupaca Foundry’s air-filtration system and advanced baghouse technology, we keep the air as clean as possible inside the plant and outside in the blue sky above. 

Like the filter of a vacuum, the baghouses capture the sand and dust particles resulting from the molding of our customer’s castings. These baghouses collect such materials from the air using hundreds of specialty fabric socks that are optimized to remove the particles before any discharge into the environment. 

It is important to maintain the integrity of the baghouse for efficiency of the filtration system, environmental responsibility and regulatory compliance. Even the smallest hole in the baghouse filters can affect performance and allow particles to escape the process. Historically, detecting such small holes was both challenging and time consuming. Today, Waupaca Foundry has implemented an advanced technology in Bag Leak Detection Probes installed within the emission control systems at each plant. 

The detection probe is so sensitive it can register microscopic particles of dust not captured by the baghouse. This technology allows us to monitor the performance of our baghouses and anticipate any developing inefficiencies even before they become issues. Although environmental regulators do not mandate this equipment, we see the value of bag leak detection from an environmental performance standpoint, which is why we’ve implemented this state-of-the-art technology at all Waupaca Foundry facilities.

Win Win

Waupaca Foundry has implemented state-of-the-art Bag Leak Detection Probes into the baghouse collection systems at all six plants. While the technology is not mandated, its value is clear: 

  • Improved efficiency of our baghouse air-filtration systems. 
  • Optimized data to proactively monitor the status of baghouse operations and environmental emissions. 
  • Greater environmental responsibility and ensured regulatory compliance.
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