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Ensuring an Environmentally Brighter Future

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In 2013, Waupaca Foundry launched an initiative to begin retrofitting its six locations with LED light fixtures. Replacing all lighting units in Waupaca Foundry’s total 2.2 million square feet of plant space could save upwards of 40 million kilowatt hours per year. A plant-by-plant plan was developed with additional financial incentives to help defray costs. Our ductile iron foundry in Etowah, Tennessee, is the biggest electricity user in its community and was chosen as a starting place for a total retrofit.

Win Win

Waupaca Foundry retrofitted the Etowah, Tenn., ductile iron foundry with LED light fixtures. LED bulbs use 75% less energy and last up to 10 years longer than incandescent bulbs.

  • 1,016 metal halide and T12 light fixtures were replaced at a cost of $750,000. The plant received a $399,830 rebate from Etowah Utilities and the Tennessee Valley Authority.
  • In Marinette, Wisconsin, Plant 4 is midway through a similar across-the-board production floor upgrade and has already received a $57,000 rebate from Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program.
  • Since LEDs last longer, we also save considerable maintenance costs. Energy savings allows us to reinvest in other sustainability initiatives and technologies to help defray the rapidly rising cost of energy.

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